Lake Worth

Lake Worth offers a great quality of life in a friendly, mid-size coastal community. Exciting festivals, cultural diversity, and opportunities for home ownership in a variety of price ranges attract new residents daily.

Opportunities for leisure activities are easily found. For golfers, the spectacular Lake Worth Municipal Golf Course features play along the scenic Intracoastal Waterway. A 19-acre public beach is open to the public from 6:00 a.m. to Midnight daily. The arts community has discovered and embraced Lake Worth. The Lake Worth Playhouse and numerous studios and galleries are highlights of any visit to the downtown corridor.

Diners will discover a wide range of restaurants to suit every palate. From diverse ethnic specialties, international cuisine, small bistros and neighborhood pubs, Lake Worth has something for every taste. Distinctive stores offer an eclectic array of merchandise and one-of-a-kind items.

Lake Worth is proud of both its historic past and its dynamic future. New housing is becoming available throughout the City. Historic districts have been established to help preserve the old Florida architecture. City Hall is part of the Old Town National Register Historic District and the City Hall Annex is listed as a National Register landmark. But Lake Worth is also a city embracing change.

Located in coastal central Palm Beach County, Lake Worth is easily accessible by road, rail, air and water. A large and diverse work force is available to support new business from light industrial to home occupations.  The City  has a Park of Commerce that is  approximately 74 acres that is undergoing redevelopment. The purpose of this park is to increase the potential of employment within our municipal boundaries by increasing our capacity to accommodate heavy commercial and low to high traffic generating industrial uses.


LULA – Lake Worth Arts

The mission of LULA Lake Worth Arts will unify the existing arts community around a shared vision, implement goals for strengthening the property value, improve access to the arts through educational programs, and invest in partnerships that support the talent and the creative community in Lake Worth.

Lake Worth is fortunate to be sited as a community with an abundant interest and support for the arts. With the promotion and success of LULA comes livability. The City’s livability will be enhanced as a result of the arts-centric thriving of businesses, increased awareness of family-oriented cultural activities and the overall economic life of the City will enlarge providing increased access to jobs and prosperity for its citizens. Results from LULA can foster engagement from hundreds of artists as they learn Lake Worth is the community committed to raising awareness of the arts, the accessibility to live and work in a sustainable fashion.

Visit Lake Worth and enjoy all the opportunities our residents enjoy every day. You might just decide Lake Worth would be a great place to live and work!